Soft Skills


Onsite training available countrywide.

Live Instruction Certificate of Completion

Collaboration & Teamwork

Collaboration and team building skills are critical for individuals to work together effectively toward a common goal. This competency contains a mix of interpersonal, problem solving, team building, and communication skills.

Dealing with Conflict

Learn to recognize when a situation has turned from a simple disagreement into a conflict by understanding the root cause of conflict and the role threat-response plays. Temper your own reactions in a heated moment with a conflict analysis framework. Work toward positive-sum outcomes with a 4-step process for managing your responses and offers.

Turning Debate to Dialogue

Understand the relationship between difficult behaviors and values. Understanding this relationship can help you explore steps for success when working with the ten most common difficult archetypes in the workplace. When difficult behavior leads to conflict, prepare to respond by establishing a healthy environment and follow our guide to switch from debate to dialogue.

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