How We Train

Supported or Standard

Training to You - Supported

Training to YOU Supported classes are Instructor Led classes in which students’ complete activities.  Classes include dedicated Technical Support.

Class Includes:

  • Activity files and resource materials are shared with participants in a monitored real-world lab environment
  • Instructor Lectures and Demonstrations
  • Technical support throughout class

Training to You - Standard

Training to YOU Standard classes include Live Instructor lectures and demonstrations along with Interactive Q & A sessions so that participants can get their questions answered.

Class Includes:

  • Activity files are shared with participants through chat
  • Instructor Lectures and Demonstrations
tty-fav Supported Standard
Exercise Files
Live Instruction
Classroom Option

Delivery Methods

Live Remote



Live, online sessions where our instructors deliver content, engaging participants and answering their questions. Sessions can include interactive elements such as lab environments, hands-on activities, video conferencing tools and discussions.

Join us at our state-of-the-art training facility in the heart of mid-town Phoenix, where we handle all your technical needs and provide on-site technical support, even if the instructor is delivering remotely.

Our hybrid training combines elements of both in-person and remote training.  In this blended learning experience, participants have the flexibility to engage in learning through both physical attendance and our digital platform.

Types of Events

Public Training Events

Training to YOU’s public training events are an inclusive platform welcoming a diverse range of individuals. These sessions are designed to accommodate participants with varying levels of expertise. By opening up these classes to the public, we create unique networking prospects and offer exposure to a variety of viewpoints, enriching the experience for all attendees.

Private Training Events

Exclusive private events present an excellent opportunity to deliver training that precisely caters to your team’s specific requirements. This approach allows for a concentrated and personalized learning experience, as the event’s elements, including content, duration, and delivery method, can be customized.

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