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Word 1: Supported

A well-formatted document is easy to read and contains clear communication. Knowing how something should look is one thing, making it so is another matter. Our Word 1 course will introduce you to the Word application to work with your documents more confidently. Create and edit with the right tools to transform a page of text into a professionally formatted document.


Word 2: Supported

Continue to develop your skills as an author and editor with our Word 2 course. Organize and work with longer, more complex documents and the text and visuals within them. Learn to simplify laborious processes by using tools and features that you may not have known existed.

Recommended Preparation: Word 1

Word 3: Supported

Become an advanced Word user with our Word 3 course. Building on the skills from Word 1 and 2, polish the appearance of your document and make it easier for your audience to read and navigate. Go beyond the provided options with custom elements of your own. Employ features that increase productivity and allow for collaboration while ensuring your work stays secure.


Recommended Preparation: Word 1 & 2


  • Live Instruction
  • Streamlined Delivery
  • Guided Activities
  • Certificate of Completion

Word Introduction: Standard

As Microsoft’s flagship word processor has evolved over the years, it has changed so much that you can no longer just launch it and start typing up documents. Without understanding the right way to use MS Word, you are guaranteed to unnecessarily spend many hours reformatting and tweaking documents to get them to look right. 

This course covers the basics of navigating Word, formatting text, inserting images and tables and preparing documents for distribution.

Word Intermediate: Supported

When you encounter a document produced by a power user, you may find yourself bewildered by an array of features that are impossible to edit unless you know how they work: tables of contents; multiple headers and footers; linked text boxes; and more. This class will demystify, and enable you to start working with, those kinds of sophisticated documents.

Recommended Preparation: Word Introduction

Word Advanced: Standard

Once you’ve learned and worked with the standard features of MS Word, you’ll be ready for some of its more advanced functions. For this class, we’ve curated the most popular and useful advanced-level MS Word techniques and tools. Whether you need to enhance your document with multimedia; collaborate with other authors and editors; or even add fillable forms – this class will expand your word processing toolset.

Recommended Preparation: Word Introduction & Intermediate

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