Access – Standard – Half Day

$ 140.00

Class Duration: 3 Hours

Class Agenda

Training Session 3 Hours
Breaks Prescribed by Instructor

In our Access training courses, students will learn how to take control of their data with software training at Learnit. Our courses will teach you basic to advanced features of Access. Whether you are new to Access or an advanced user, our Access training courses will cover what you need to know as efficiently as possible.

Module 1

  • Exploring a Relational Database
  • Examining Database Objects 
  • How Data Is Related Between Tables 
  • Examining Access Menu Tabs 
  • Using the Access Navigation Pane 
  • Using the Data View and Design View of an Object 
  • Planning Steps to Create a New Database
  • Create Tables in Design View
  • Import Data from Excel
  • Data Entry Techniques and Shortcuts 
  • Re-arranging Records by Sorting 
  • Hiding Records Using Filtering 
  • Using the Relationships Window 
  • Using the Simple Query Wizard 
  • Creating Queries in Design View 
  • Adding Criteria for Text, Number, And Date Fields
  • Introduction into Using Wildcards in Criteria 
  • Introduction into How Databases Operate 
  • Learning the Access Interface 
  • Creating A New Database 
  • Designing and Creating New Tables 
  • Entering Data into Tables 
  • Sorting and Filtering Data 
  • Introduction into Relating Table Data
  • Create Commonly Used Queries 
  • Customizing Queries with Criteria 

Module 2

  • Creating Forms
  • Exploring Different Form Layouts
  • Perform Data Entry in Forms
  • Basing Reports on Queries 
  • Previewing and Printing Reports 
  • Understanding the Report Design Interface 
  • Formatting Reports for Professional-Looking Output
  • Using Forms for Data Entry 
  • Create Reports for Data Output 

Module 3

  • Creating Relationships Between Tables
  • Add Relationship Security
  • How Relationships Affect Query Results
  • Using Join-Types to Affect Query Results
  • Applying Wildcards
  • Using And / Or Conditions
  • Create Custom Fields with Calculations 
  • Summarize Data with Grouping 

Module 4

  • Creating Automated Requests for Criteria
  • Using Wildcards in Parameter Queries
  • Using Range Operators in Parameter Queries 
  • Getting Non-Matching Records with the Un-Matched Query Wizard
  • Finding Duplicate Records with the Duplicate Query Wizard
  • Create Tables with a Make-Table Query
  • Add Records to a Table with an Append Query
  • Change Data with an Update Query
  • Delete Data with a Delete Query
  • Understanding Report Control Types
  • Grouping Report Data
  • Summarizing Report Data

Module 5

  • Designing Complex Forms 
  • Creating “Keystroke-less” field controls 
  • Adding Buttons and Drop-Down Lists for Navigation 
  • Create a Main Switchboard 
  • Design a Reports Switchboard 
  • Create Macros to Open and Close Database Objects 
  • Using Message Boxes to Inform Users 
  • Automate Parameter Queries with Macros 
  • View Related Records in Another Form with Macros 
  • Hiding/Un-Hiding Field Controls with Macros 
  • Use Macros to Validate Data Entry 
  • Use Visual Basic to Secure Forms with Passwords 
  • Create User Input Boxes 
  • Use Logic Programming to Interpret Conditions 

Module 6

  • Place Tables in a Separate Database 
  • Manage Tables with the Linked Table Manager 
  • Set Startup Options 
  • Applying the Compact and Repair Tool
“Our outlines are a guide to the content covered on a typical class. We may change or alter the course topics to meet the objectives of a particular class.”

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