Adobe Premiere Pro Training: Video Production Training

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This 3-day video production course offers an opportunity to enhance your skills. You will learn the process of shooting, organizing, and producing a corporate feature project that incorporates various B-Roll shots and multi-camera interviews.

This class is very hands-on, with a focus on using gear and lighting, editing footage, and creating motion graphics in the lab. Projects include creating a multi-camera interview with B-Roll footage for a corporate or government client, which may require an on-site video shoot. The class aims to create videos that communicate a company’s culture, mission and vision, or tell a compelling story about an employee, customer, or individual. Additionally, some videos created may provide a step-by-step approach to describing a company or department’s services and/or products. The class will teach how to produce visually striking videos by combining video, graphics, animation, titles, music, sound effects, and sound design.

  • Create a film set for interviews
  • Effectively frame and shoot one and two-camera interviews
  • Learn to setup up a variety of microphones to be used concurrently on a shoot
  • Use lighting creatively to enhance a moment
  • Maximize the use of window lighting and other available light sources
  • Choose the right lens or focal length to enhance composition
  • Explore a variety of methods for shooting B-Roll footage, including gimbals, drones, 360 cameras and more
  • Learn tips and tricks to rapidly create turnkey video projects
  • Explore methods to organize and log your footage
  • Implement music and sound fx to enhance the visual experience
  • Create motion graphics and titles to enhance your project
  • Utilize a variety of editing methods to create engaging videos

Along with this training, you will receive:

  • Student courseware and class projects
  • Adobe Premiere Pro Course Certificate
  • Conversion tools bookmark

This training can also assist with the preparation of Adobe certification exams, including the Adobe Certified Professional credential.

  • Premiere Pro Training: Essential Skills I, or equivalent knowledge

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