Make Listening Your Superpower

$ 250.00

Class Duration: 2 Hours

Class Agenda

Training Session 2 Hours
Breaks Prescribed by Instructor

Develop your active listening skills and improve communication at work.

Learn to be a better listener with a clear, actionable process to really hear what others have to say and give others the experience of feeling heard. You will gain an understanding of the current state of your listening skills and clarity on where to improve. The class is very interactive with lots of practice opportunities and designed to help you immediately improve. 

What We’ll Explore:

  • EAR listening model 
  • Next-level listening 
  • Giving others the experience of feeling heard

Course Outline

Active Listening

  • Self-assessment 
  • Why listening is hard 
  • 3-step model to be a great, active listener 
  • In-session practice

Reflective Listening

  • The one thing you can do to make sure you always listen
  • What is reflective Listening
  • Paraphrasing
  • Clarifying and diagnostic questions
  • Giving others the experience of feeling heard

Event Details

Phone: (602)252-3955


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