OneNote – Standard – Full Day

$ 285.00

Class Duration: 7 Hours

Class Agenda

Morning Session 3 Hours
Lunch 1 Hour
Afternoon Session 3 Hours
Other Breaks Prescribed by Instructor

Whether you’re new to OneNote or an advanced user, our training will cover all you need to know to become an OneNote power user. Microsoft OneNote lets you create and store notes in a convenient location, enabling you to find and use them simply. The organizational power of OneNote is essential to maintaining productivity.

  • Understand Microsoft OneNote interface and Notebook structure
  • How to create a Notebook
  • How to create Notes
  • How to organize content and search for information in a OneNote notebook
  • How to integrate OneNote with other office applications
  • How to use OneNote to share notes with people  
  • Navigate the OneNote 2016 Environment
  • Use Templates
  • Customize the OneNote User Interface
  • Apply Formatting to Notebook Content
  • Insert Images and Audio into a Notebook
  • Add Quick Notes and Links
  • Use Drawing Tools
  • Embed Excel Spreadsheets
  • Attach Other File Types
  • Use Tags
  • Organize and Search Notebooks
  • Proof and Print a Notebook
  • Configure Password Protection and Notebook Properties
  • Export Content from OneNote Notebooks
  • Back Up and Restore Notebook Content
  • Send OneNote Content in Other Formats
  • Share OneNote Content by Using OneDrive

Event Details

Phone: (602)252-3955


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