PowerPoint Introduction – Standard – Full Day

$ 285.00

Class Duration: 7 Hours

Class Agenda

Morning Session 3 Hours
Lunch 1 Hour
Afternoon Session 3 Hours
Other Breaks Prescribed by Instructor

PowerPoint is Microsoft’s flagship application for creating multi-page presentations, pitch decks, tutorials, and even one-pagers like infographics, flyers and posters. In contrast with MS Word, PowerPoint gives you more control over where images and text appear on each page. Learn to use PowerPoint the right way and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can put together clean and impactful presentations!

Starting Out. PowerPoint shares the same user interface as other MS Office 365 apps and we’ll show you how to navigate it. You’ll learn about the different ways of looking at your slide deck: normal (slide view), outline, sorter, handouts, notes and a few more. We’ll show you how slides are integrated into an automated outline using title and subtitle text boxes.

Design Features. PowerPoint offers several built-in features to make your presentations look like they’ve been professionally produced. You’ll try out choosing different templates, themes, and layouts to find the style most appropriate for your audience. We’ll also demonstrate PowerPoint Designer, an AI tool that examines the text on each slide and suggests attractive design schemes and relevant accompanying illustrations.

Formatting Text. You won’t get all the options you see in MS Word, but PowerPoint still lets you create bulleted and numbered lists, indented paragraphs, and the usual font, tab and color options. Squeezing text into available spaces on a PowerPoint slide is indeed an art form!

Adding Graphics. You can spice up your slides by inserting pictures, shapes, and clip art. PowerPoint gives you access to millions of clip art illustrations and stock photos. We’ll show you how to resize, crop, and position them exactly where you want them, and order them in front of, or behind, other graphics. You can even import charts and tables from Excel.

Delivery. Most PowerPoint files are presentations meant to be delivered in real-time in front of an audience. Fortunately PowerPoint offers a number of features to perfect your delivery, from slide transitions to handouts to timing practice. We’ll show you how to keep those butterflies in your stomach by using these features to ensure your presentation is well-received.

  • Navigate the PowerPoint interface and manipulate core components 
  • Design presentations with templates, themes and layouts
  • Add and format text and images
  • Align, layer and group PowerPoint objects. 
  • Create or import table data into a PowerPoint presentation 
  • Create charts using PowerPoint or Excel
  • Create dynamic presentations with animations and transitions 
  • Navigating the PowerPoint Interface 
  • Viewing a Presentation’s Different Components
  • Creating and Saving PowerPoint Presentations
  • Using PowerPoint Help 
  • Selecting a Presentation Type 
  • Editing Text with Shortcuts 
  • Building a Presentation 
  • Using PowerPoint Designer* (Office 365 Users) 
  • Formatting Characters 
  • Formatting Paragraphs 
  • Formatting Text Boxes 
  • Inserting and Formatting Images 
  • Using the Background Removal Tool 
  • Inserting and Formatting Shapes 
  • Using the PowerPoint Eyedropper
  • Formatting Objects 
  • Grouping Objects 
  • Arranging and Aligning Objects 
  • Animating Objects 
  • Creating a Table
  • Formatting Tables
  • Inserting a Table from Other MS Office Applications 
  • Creating a Chart 
  • Formatting a Chart 
  • Inserting a Chart from MS Excel 
  • Reviewing Your Presentation 
  • Using MORPH and Other Transitions
  • Printing Your Presentation
  • Delivering Your Presentation 

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