Project – Standard – Half Day

$ 140.00

Class Duration: 3 Hours

Class Agenda

Training Session 3 Hours
Breaks Prescribed by Instructor

The first two modules of this hands-on course introduces participants to developing project plans, tracking and managing project resources, creating powerful visual reports, and tracking and monitoring project deliverables with ease. Participants will learn terminology, how to create and define a project, add tasks to the project plan, and create a work breakdown structure. 

The final two modules guide participants through: executing a project; updating task progress, cost and work deliverables with SharePoint; monitoring project process using custom fields and network diagrams; and producing professional, results-driven reports by building custom reports and visuals. Participants will also learn how to customize the application for their specific needs using Options settings, creating and sharing templates, and linking projects.

Module 1

  • Identify Project Management Concepts
  • Navigate the Microsoft Project 2016 Environment
  • Create a New Project Plan
  • Define a Project
  • Assign a Project Calendar
  • Add Tasks to a Project Plan
  • Import Tasks From Other Programs
  • Create a Work Breakdown Structure
  • Define Task Relationships
  • Schedule Tasks

Module 2

  • Add Resources to a Project Plan
  • Create a Resource Calendar
  • Enter Costs for Resources
  • Assign Resources to Tasks
  • Resolve Resource Conflicts
  • Optimize a Project Plan
  • Set a Baseline
  • Share a Project Plan

Module 3

  • Enter Task Progress
  • Update Task Progress with SharePoint
  • Update Work
  • Update Costs
  • View Project Progress
  • Add Custom Fields
  • Create Custom Views
  • Create a Network Diagram
  • Analyze a Project Plan
  • Edit the Task List
  • Reschedule Tasks
  • Update a Baseline

Module 4

  • Format and Share a Chart View
  • View Existing Reports
  • Create Custom Reports
  • Create a Visual Report
  • Change Project Options
  • Create a Project Plan Template
  • Share Resources
  • Link Project Plans

Event Details

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