Think Critically

$ 250.00

Class Duration: 2 Hours

Class Agenda

Training Session 2 Hours
Breaks Prescribed by Instructor

Upskill with important critical thinking training.

Critical thinking is an essential skill but one that is severely challenged by today’s heavy workloads and time constraints, leading us to frequently engage in rushed, impulsive, even irrational behavior. In this workshop, participants will learn how to minimize the cognitive biases and logical fallacies we susceptible to when evaluating claims, making decisions or solving problems.

What We’ll Explore:

  • Two systems of thinking 
  • Applications of critical thinking 
  • Self-Assessment 
  • Evaluate Claims 
  • Make Decisions 
  • Solve Problems

Course Outline

  • A 5-step process for writing formal emails
  • Write emails for those who scan
  • Explore two frameworks for writing to persuade and influence
  • The 3P’s of progress reporting
  • Write reviews that engage and motivate

Event Details

Phone: (602)252-3955


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