Transcend Bias

$ 250.00

Class Duration: 2 Hours

Class Agenda

Training Session 2 Hours
Breaks Prescribed by Instructor

Unconscious Bias Training Beyond Bias: creating connections and collaboration at work is a learning session offering participants practical strategies to identify and overcome unconscious biases that affect relationships and collaboration in the workplace. This training focuses on creating connections and collaboration that are free from the influence of unconscious bias. Through interactive exercises and discussions, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the impact of unconscious bias, learn how to identify and address it in real-time, and expand their capability to create more inclusive and collaborative work environments.

What We’ll Explore:

  • Understand the impact of unconscious bias and its negative effects on relationships.
  • Learn practical strategies to overcome unconscious bias in real-time.
  • Learn how to promote collaboration and build stronger connections with colleagues.

Course Outline

  • Getting Connected Exercise
  • Unconscious Bias: What It IsHow It works and How to Disrupt It (in real-time)
  • Neuroscience behind Unconscious Bias
  • Thinking Slow vs. Fast
  • The Practice of Cultural Humility
  • Moving into Action (application of this training back at work)
    • Practicing the 5 Steps for Disrupting Unconscious Bias
    • Calling-In vs. Calling-Out
    • Creating your own Action Plan
  • Post-training (optional)
    • Recommended Reading & Video Clips
    • Homework Assignment

Event Details

Phone: (602)252-3955


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