Visio Advanced – Standard – Full Day

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Class Duration: 7 Hours

Class Agenda

Morning Session 3 Hours
Lunch 1 Hour
Afternoon Session 3 Hours
Other Breaks Prescribed by Instructor

This provides hands-on instruction, tips and tricks to participants enabling them to create stunning data-driven diagrams and vector graphics. Participants will learn how to: design advanced plans and diagrams, enhance drawings with 3-D shapes, build GANNT charts and Timelines from external data sources, including Excel, Project and Access, and automate processes by building macros.

  • Create a Microsoft Account and Log in to Visio
  • Build Advanced Plans
  • Build Advanced Diagrams
  • Use 3-D Shapes
  • Work with Shape Styles
  • Define Shape Styles
  • Apply Backgrounds, Borders, and Titles
  • Create Simple Custom Shapes
  • Create Custom Stencils
  • Create Custom Templates
  • Make an Organization Chart from an Excel Spreadsheet
  • Generate a Pivot Diagram from an Excel Spreadsheet
  • Create a Gantt Chart from a Project File
  • Create a Timeline from a Project File
  • Connect a Map to an Access Database
  • Create Macros
  • Modify ShapeSheets
  • Build Advanced Shapes
  • Save and Share Drawings with OneDrive
  • Review Drawings
  • Insert Drawings into Other Office Files
  • Export Drawings
  • Print Drawings

Event Details

Phone: (602)252-3955


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