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  • A digital Google Sheets training manual
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The ability to work with and analyze data is critical to the success of your organization – and Google Sheets is a solution to do just that. Begin adding it to your professional skill set with Sheets 1. You will learn to navigate the application confidently while creating and developing spreadsheets that employ the most popular features Sheets has to offer.

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Detailed Course Outline

Getting Started with Google Sheets
  • Navigate the Google Sheets User Interface
  • Use Google Sheets Commands
  • Create, Save and Download a Basic Spreadsheet
  • Spreadsheet Settings
  • Enter Cell Data
  • Use Google Sheets’ Help
Performing Calculations
  • Create Worksheet Formulas
  • Insert Functions
  • Reuse Formulas and Functions
Modifying a Spreadsheet
  • Insert, Delete, and Adjust Cells, Columns and Rows
  • Search for and Replace Data
  • Use Proofing Tools
Formatting a Worksheet
  • Apply Text Formats
  • Apply Number Formats
  • Align Cell Contents
  • Apply Styles
  • Adding Borders and Colors
  • Apply Basic Conditional Formatting
  • Create and Use Templates
Printing Spreadsheets
  • Preview and Print a Spreadsheet
  • Set Up the Page Layout
Managing Workbooks
  • Manage Sheets
  • Manage Workbook and Sheet Views
  • Manage Workbook Properties

"Our outlines are a guide to the content covered on a typical class. We may change or alter the course topics to meet the objectives of a particular class."

Excel Level 2 - Introduction

Building upon knowledge gained from Sheets 1, our intermediate-level Sheets class teaches you to control data – a skill that is a significant benefit to your organization. You will learn to analyze massive amounts of data, extract actionable information from it, and present the information clearly using more advanced features than previously covered.

Recommended Preparation: Sheets 1

1 Day $264 2 Tickets

Detailed Course Outline

Working with Functions
  • Working with Ranges
  • Use Specialized Functions
  • Work with Logical Functions
  • Work with Date & Time Functions
  • Work with Text Functions
Working with Lists
  • Sort Data
  • Filter Data
  • Query Data with Database Functions
  • Subtotal Data
Analyzing Data
  • Create and Modify Tables
  • Apply Intermediate Conditional Formatting
  • Apply Advanced Conditional Formatting
Visualizing Data with Charts
  • Create Charts
  • Modify and Format Charts
  • Use Advance (sic) Chart Features
Using Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
  • Create a Pivot Table
  • Analyze Pivot Table Data
  • Present Data with Pivot Tables

"Our outlines are a guide to the content covered on a typical class. We may change or alter the course topics to meet the objectives of a particular class."

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The Training to YOU Three Class Discount is a terrific way for an individual to purchase multiple classes for a discount. Whether you are looking for a series of classes like Excel 1, 2 & 3 or a variety of classes such as Google Sheets, Docs and Slides the Three Class Discount is the way to go!

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Class Ratings
4.9 stars from 1984 reviewers:

“Instructor is very patient and helpful. Takes time to help student catch up if lagged a little behind. Plan to take Access Level 3 later. Training to You has always been  great.  Have taken classes in the past few years.”

— J.P. took Access 2 Database Design, Advanced Input and Retrieval

“My Instructor was great. He was knowledgeable and attentive throughout the course. He presented lofty concepts in a manner that was easy to understand and apply in real life. I look forward to my next course! ”

— C.K. took Access 1: Data Structure and Input and Retrieval

“We appreciate Training to You providing the training on site at our office. This was an excellent training for us to train the majority of our team. Thank you to our instructor for his patience and willingness to assist us with our questions.”

— K.P. took Access 2 Database Design, Advanced Input and Retrieval


Training to YOU is dedicated to providing the best online and in-person Google Sheets training classes in Phoenix. Find answers to some of our most frequently asked Google Sheets training related questions below, or contact us should you require further assistance.

Our Sheets training classes are all face-to-face, whether you come to our facility or take the class remotely through our virtual meeting and lab.  Our trainers are subject matter experts and passionate about teaching, ensuring that you will have a great learning experience. 

LIVE Remote classes start the set-up process at 8:00 a.m. 

In-person classroom participants should arrive no by 8:15 a.m. 

Students that arrive late will be asked to reschedule. 

Instruction begins at 8:30 a.m. for both classroom and LIVE Remote delivery. 

Classes are scheduled to end at 4:30 p.m. but this may vary depending on class size and student skill level.  

All times are in MST for Phoenix, AZ where Daylight Savings Time is not observed. 

See the local time in Phoenix here for clarification. 

You will need: 

  • A stable, high-speed internet connection (wired is recommended over Wi-Fi whenever available) 
  • A PC or laptop with mouse and keyboard 
  • A second monitor (preferred) or device (screen size should be large enough to view instructor’s share) 
  • Speakers or headphones are a must and a microphone is recommended.  

Click here for full setup instructions, including links to test your system and network.  

If you do not have the resources above, consider taking your class in-person at our training center and we will provide everything you need. 

This depends on your current level of experience. Most will benefit from starting at the beginning with Sheets 1 which is the perfect introduction to the core concepts, terminology and navigation of the application. Before you decide to start with a course later in the series, we recommend reviewing the full list of topics covered by downloading the PDF outline for that course below the course description. 

Our instructors can travel anywhere in the United States to deliver training. Contact registration for a quote at registration@trainingtoyou.com